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Fermentograph JM 451

Bring dough to the optimal condition for baking

The Fermentograph is a self-recording analyser for baker’s yeast. It continuously records the evolution of carbon dioxide in a dough and will help you with the production of CO2 as necessary for raising the dough.

Our Fermentograph is a well-known analyser from the international IUPAC test. It gives the same standard information throughout the world.

This Fermentograph is necessary for all yeast manufactures, industrial bakeries, flour mills, cereal research institutions, laboratories, etc.


– High precision.
– Analysis under strictly controlled conditions.
– Gives the true continuous picture of carbon dioxide evolution.
– Variations in the same type of flour give no significant disturbance.
– Internationally applied method.
– All results in one diagram.
– Easy to operate and handle.
– Reliable in service.

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